Meeting participants included Xiana Méndez, Juan Rosell, José Luis Bonet and the president of the Chilean Employers’ Confederation, CPC, Alfonso Swett.

Spanish entrepreneurs met with the President of the Republic of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, at a business breakfast meeting organized by CEOE, Spain’s Chamber of Commerce and the State Secretariat for Trade. The president of CEOE, Juan Rosell, during his speech, said that Spanish companies present in vital sectors of the Chilean economy such as finance, telecommunications, infrastructure and energy, are firmly committed to Chile’s present and future, a country that has regained its regional leadership in terms of economic growth.

In addition, he conveyed the support from Spanish entrepreneurs to the macroeconomic measures implemented by the new Chilean government, as well as to the structural reforms promoted in taxes, labour relations, the social security and the pension system.

Rosell also said that they have closely followed the Pacific Alliance integration process, and he congratulated the Chilean government for the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, also known as TPP-11.

The Secretary of State for Trade, Xiana Méndez, highlighted that the historical ties that join us should serve as the basis to improve, even more, our trade relations and enable us to keep finding alliances and entering into public and private agreements to promote the development of both countries.

In this regard, she mentioned that Chile and Spain secured tools, such as the Agreement for the Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments and the Agreement to Avoid Double Taxation, among others, that make it easier for companies to invest in both countries. “Our commitment to Chile remains strong and determined,” she said.

The president of Spain’s Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Bonet, stressed that Chile is an exemplary country that represents a real success story for many nations worldwide and a true source of inspiration. “Your country is considered a model of political and financial transparency in Latin America,” he said.

Bonet noted that since his second re-election in December 2017, the country is regarded with great admiration for its enormous efforts, the plans to reform the fiscal and pension systems, the investments in education, transport, health, energy, in particular renewable energies, and infrastructures, which minimize the barriers to investment raised by the bureaucracy associated with the execution of projects, as well as the cuts in government spending.

From the Chilean Confederation of Production and Trade – CPC, the President, Alfonso Swett, said that Chile has embarked on a new path on which there has been a resurgence of the enthusiasm to invest and the growth of the economy after four difficult years. He also expressed his optimistic outlook for the future and thanked Spanish businessmen for their interest and commitment to Chile.

The companies that attended the breakfast, among them the ones with the largest Spanish investments in Chile such as Mapfre, Indra, Naturgy, Telefonica, Acciona, Sacyr, Grupo ACS, or Santander were able to voice questions or concerns before the President of the Republic.

President Piñera highlighted the country’s interest in regaining leadership and momentum under his government, basing his future actions on five major reforms in the fields of taxes, pensions, labour, education and healthcare.

He pointed out that “the modernization of infrastructures is, of course, in the cards, as is the elimination of barriers and obstacles for investment projects through the creation of specific offices that will improve regulations and the settlement of disputes, and will help in overcoming bureaucratic challenges. ”

Lastly, the President of the Republic highlighted the importance of technology as a great ally to face future challenges and he talked about his government’s commitment to efficient energies to guarantee economic progress and growth.

Source: CEOE