Companies are fully committed with an evolving society and they are key players in the natural incorporation of women into the workplace with equal treatment and opportunities. New forms of business management are emerging, and human resources still constitute the main asset to protect and develop. Therefore, it is imperative to work “for” and “with” people, making their talent profitable, regardless of gender. Thus, the principle of equality is one of the main pillars of companies and their business culture, starting with their own conviction and voluntariness.

The management of equality in the company is a strategic and social issue, and it must be integrated as a factor of business competitiveness.

It is necessary to insist on cultural changes to make equality effective. We should not overlook the historical perspective or the connection with the current reality. Despite the cultural and social progress experienced in recent years, there is still a problem of inequality, bearing in mind that part of this situation is a reflection of our history as a country, and particularly of a late and uneven incorporation of women into the labour market.

Equality in opportunities should be set as a goal with a wider spectrum, with transverse projection in the professional relationship. The aim is to enable the effective integration into the labour market, but also to promote a greater professional involvement and a degree of co-responsibility from women in their professional development and their effective integration into the company.

Along this line, it is essential to give visibility to women entrepreneurs, fostering their participation and endowing them with adequate representation.

It is necessary to encourage equal education in entrepreneurship, so that boys and girls may develop their innovative capacities equally. It is also essential to keep promoting a cultural change so that nobody is forced to choose between their professional life and an appropriate development of their personal life.

Any form of discrimination is heinous, and must be reported, punished and eradicated. However, not all inequality is discrimination. The causes behind said discrimination must be carefully studied and corrected if unjustified. It is necessary to filter existing data to unravel the actual causes for the different roles played by women in certain professional life aspects, pay due attention to how these are treated and identify a suitable comparison scale.

As a community we have to move towards the co-responsibility of men and women in their family and personal lives, and to this end the key is to be able to reconcile the professional life with family responsibilities, trying to balance the personal circumstances of workers and the needs of companies.

The participation of the different governments in all areas (education, family life, employment, taxes…) is fundamental for creating a framework to enable real equality in our society.

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Source: CEOE

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