A delegation from the University of Economics and International Business of China (UIBE), led by Professor and Executive Dean at the Research Institute for Global Value Chains, Wu Yabin, held a meeting at the offices of CEOE with representatives from various business organizations and companies, as well as from the Chinese Embassy in Spain and the Foundation for exchanges between Yiwu and our country.

The meeting was focused on analysing the potential of the Yiwu-Madrid rail line and proposing improvements to boost freight traffic by train between Spain and China.

After initially explaining the implications that the rise of protectionism would have in the evolution of world trade and in the operation of global value chains, they discussed the way in which the traffic of goods could be intensified, especially from Spain. It was stressed that, although this option was faster than sea transportation, it was still not used very often by our companies, unlike German companies that frequently use this logistics option for their exports to China.

One of the reasons for the scarce use of this railway line by Spanish companies is, as discussed at the meeting, that this mode of freight transport is not very well known and there is no powerful logistics operator in our country that could market the Madrid-Yiwu railway line among our Spanish exporting companies.

At the meeting, they also discussed the need to come up with sister cities in Spain and China to foster freight transport by train, and the role that CEOE could play in fostering relations between cities in both countries through its network of territorial and sectoral organizations.

Source: CEOE