Both organizations acknowledge efforts made to strengthen the economic framework 

Juan Rosell advocates for more integration in the Economic and Monetary Union and in the European Internal Market and for policies to be driven by competitiveness

Within the framework of the XXV Spain-France Summit,  held in Malaga with the attendance of both governments, and with the aim of fostering business cooperation between both countries, CEOE and the Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF) delivered a document containing conclusions and recommendations that is the result of the work and the meetings they have held.  They want this document to be taken into account by both governments and for it to be included in the Summit’s Official Statement. In addition, both organizations also acknowledged the efforts made to strengthen the economic activity framework, a very important issue for each of the countries.

The President of CEOE, Juan Rosell, has highlighted during the presentation of the Joint Statement that it is necessary to advocate for more integration in the Economic and Monetary Union and in the European Internal Market and for policies to be driven by competitiveness.

A more integrated Economic and Monetary Union

Rosell underlined the need to simplify and strengthen the process of coordinating economic policies in order to ensure an institutional framework in the Eurozone that fosters competitiveness. “To achieve this, it is necessary for social agents to participate appropriately, by contributing to the social acceptance of the necessary structural reforms”, he said. In this sense, the President of CEOE explained that if a more integrated Economic and Monetary Union is achieved, it would be easier to attain a reduction of unemployment, especially for the youth. In addition, “the European Pillar of Social Rights should serve as a catalyst to make labour markets more attractive, flexible and competitive, thus reducing the tax burden on labour,” he said. On the other hand, Rosell urged to complete the Banking Union and to make progress in the Fiscal Union.

An integrated European Internal Market

The president of CEOE has emphasized the internal market as being one of the pillars of the European Union, since it has given us the opportunity to increase bilateral trade to €68.4532 billion. Therefore, he considers it as a determining factor to increase our international projection.  However, to achieve this, Rossell believes it is essential to fully develop the digital dimension of this market and to encourage an appropriate environment to carry out any business activity.  Along these lines, “we have to legislate less, do it better and more proportionately and reduce bureaucracy,” he said. He also stressed the need for national governments not to go beyond the requirements laid down in European legislation.

Policies driven by competitiveness

During the presentation of the conclusions before Mariano Rajoy and François Hollande, the president of CEOE called for establishing policies driven by competitiveness in issues related to taxes, the labour market, the environment, energy and climate change, among other.

In his opinion, we need to continue with fiscal adjustments in order to meet the public deficit targets, but not just increasing revenues from taxes, but also through the reduction of public spending, specifically, non-productive spending. Rosell also pointed out that it is necessary to modernize our collective bargaining system to make it more agile, efficient and adapted to the new labour relations’ framework. In addition, he believes it is essential to have sustainable, secure and affordable energy, which requires the end of the internal energy market and a stronger focus on developing cross-border infrastructures and interconnections. “The companies are totally committed to preventing and mitigating the effects of climate change,” he concluded.


The president of CEOE has insisted on the strong ties that bring together French and Spanish entrepreneurs, represented by CEOE and MEDEF, and he believes that we should share priorities in order to achieve more successful companies in a renewed Europe. This is the main objective of the Joint Declaration, which Juan Rosell and MEDEF Vice-President, Loic Armand, have today presented to the presidents of the Government of Spain and France.

Source: CEOE