The now president of CEPYME and vice-president of Confederation of Employers and Industries of Spain (CEOE), Antonio Garamendi has announced his candidacy to CEOE’s presidency, with elections scheduled to be held on November 21st.

All the members of the Board of Directors have shown their support to Antonio Garamendi while expressing their appreciation for the good job done by the current president of the CEOE, Juan Rosell.

CEOE’s Board of Directors has informed about the convening of the meeting to the General Assembly to elect the new president on November 21, 2018.

According to CEOE’s Articles of Association, the electoral roll is comprised by the members of the General Assembly with voting rights who attend said Assembly on November 21. Organizations with full rights have up to 25 calendar days before the celebration of the Electoral Assembly to appoint their members to the General Assembly according to the number assigned to each organization.

Candidacies to the presidency may be submitted up to seven days before the date in which the Electoral Assembly is to be held, i.e. up to November 14. Candidacies for the presidency must be endorsed by at least 20 members of the new Assembly who, in turn, must represent at least 4 organizations with full rights. No one can endorse more than one candidate to president.
With regards to the actual election:
– Vote must be done in person and it is secret. Voting by proxy is not allowed.
– Only representatives of organizations with full voting powers that meet the following two conditions will be able to vote:
– Members of the New Assembly
– The organization they represent must have no outstanding membership fees with a deadline to bring them up to date of one month before elections are held.

Once the voting has taken place, the electoral table, which will be made up of at least three members of the Executive Committee who have not submitted a candidacy of their own, will count the votes and the candidate with more votes will be proclaimed president.

Chronology of CEOE’s elections to the presidency
12/10/18 Deadline to inform the member organizations about the number of members they are assigned to represent them at the General Assembly.
27/10/18 Deadline for organizations with full rights to appoint their representatives to the Assembly.
01/11/18 Deadline to convene the Electoral Assembly.
14/11/18 Deadline to present candidacies to the Presidency.
21/11/18 Electoral Assembly.

Source: CEOE