The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) regrets the escalating tensions in diplomatic and economic relations between Canada and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We call upon the governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Canada to avoid further escalation and hope that both countries will take steps to restore their relationship and to discuss each country’s concerns in a constructive fashion.

Breaking relationships that have required decades to build will do nothing to benefit either country. Instead, doing so will damage both businesses and individuals, including students and people in need of medical care. The citizens of both countries stand to gain much more from constructive engagement.

The Canadian Chamber has reached out to the Canadian government to get more information about the events leading up to the current breakdown and about its planned next steps. In addition, we are consulting our members to better understand the full impact of recent trade restrictions and commercial actions undertaken by Saudi Arabia.

Finally, the events of the past few days underscore the continued need for Canada to have an ambitious approach to trade diversification that can lower the risk posed by political and commercial disputes with trading partners.

Source: CCC