We are releasing Ten Ways to Build a Canada that Winsa list of 10 opportunities Canada can seize right now to regain its competitiveness, improve its productivity and grow its economy. We have also outlined specific recommendations to advocate throughout the year.

This is a change from the annual list of the Top 10 Barriers to Canadian Competitiveness that we have published over the last few years. That document listed some of the self-inflicted wounds that have prevented Canada’s economy from achieving its full potential and set out our recommendations for change.

In today’s time, we focus on opportunity. While the global economy’s slow growth and the rising tide of protectionism and geopolitical insecurity are a threat to Canada’s prosperity, Canada continues possess important advantages, including its rich resource inheritance, the skills and industry of its citizens and its proximity to the world’s richest market. With imagination and plain hard work, these advantages can provide a foundation for the next 150 years of Canadian business success.

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Source: CCC

Image: Fotosearch