Canada’s First Ministers announced the completion of a Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. It includes a mix of provincial initiatives and USD 3.6 billion in federal government spending, almost all of which had already been announced. Initiatives are broadly grouped into four pillars: 1) national carbon pricing; 2) complementary actions; 3) adaptation and resilience; and 4) clean technology, innovations and jobs.

In terms of next steps, the First Ministers will write an interim report on the Framework in 2020 and will conduct a full review of the carbon pricing system by 2022 to “provide certainty on the path forward.” The Prime Minister has also committed to separate talks on climate plans led by the Inuit, Métis and First Nations.

The chamber network believes climate change poses a serious economic and social threat to Canada and the rest of the world. We support the high priority the federal government has placed on climate change. However, we have several concerns with the national approach as it is developing.

Source: CCC

Image: Fotosearch