The Canadian Chamber of Commerce hosted Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of the United States Chamber of Commerce for a brief but event-filled visit to Canada. U.S. Chamber president Donohue and Canadian Chamber President Perrin Beatty met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other senior officials to discuss the vital business ties between the two countries.

“The relationship between the United States and Canada goes much further than trade, and Mr Donohue’s visit deepens the friendship and collaboration between the two countries at this critical time. The meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau was an important part of a discussion on how business and government on both sides of the border can work together to build a more competitive environment where everybody wins,” said Mr Beatty. “We are each other’s best customers, and our business together creates millions of jobs on both sides of the border.”

“The US and Canada have long shared core values and a commitment to free enterprise, free markets, and open trade. On this strong foundation we have built one of the most rewarding partnerships in the world,” said Mr Donohue, president and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “The U.S. Chamber and the American business community look forward to working closely with the Trudeau government and the Canadian private sector to help achieve mutually beneficial goals.”

“Challenging times often reveal great opportunity. As we work to build an even stronger relationship between our countries, we’re happy to partner with our U.S. colleagues to promote the prosperity of both of our countries. Mr Donohue is a great friend of Canada and we welcome his strong support for building closer ties,” concluded Mr Beatty.

Source: CCC