In a year of political and economic uncertainty, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has joined its voice with those of the business organizations of the other G7 nations to deliver a clear message to world governments: Protectionism and isolation hurt worldwide productivity and jeopardize the benefits of global trade, including wages, job security and social programs.

“The G7 business organizations have delivered a clear message to our governments: closed borders choke off trade, undermine growth and cost opportunity, while inclusive, responsible trade brings jobs, higher wages and the revenues needed to pay for social programs. This is the message the G7 leaders need to hear at their summit in May,” said the Hon. Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The Canadian Chamber and the business organizations from the U.S., Japan, the U.K., France, Germany and Italy met in Rome this week for the B7 Summit, where they discussed priorities, such as resource efficiency, supporting innovation and global trade governance. At the end of the meeting, the B7 delegation met with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni to hand over a list of recommendations. As the host the G7 Summit, Prime Minister Gentiloni will present the recommendations to the other G7 leaders.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce was represented at the B7 Summit by its Chair of the Board, Mr. Duncan Wilson. “We all have an individual responsibility in supporting free and fair trade, and together we are committed to ensuring steady economic growth based on innovation, sustainability and fair competition. The Canada-Europe Trade Agreement, CETA, is an example of a fair and progressive trade deal, and all B7 members are looking to it as a sign of the next phase of free trade.”

Italian Minister of Economic Development Carlo Calenda was also present at the summit and showcased CETA as an example to follow. “CETA was designed as a well-balanced agreement, which will create a win-win environment for businesses here in Italy and in Canada. This agreement will pave the way to many such agreements.”

Ms. Ginny Flood, Chair of the Canadian Chamber’s International Strategic Affairs Committee also formed part of the Canadian delegation. “Next year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce will host the B7 Summit, and we hope by then the ratification process for CETA will be well underway, if not completed. We also hope the B7 Summit will be an opportunity to celebrate a renewed trade relationship with our neighbour, the United States.”

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Source: CCC

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