2016: It is hard to remember a year when more has happened. For the Canadian Chamber, this was another successful year, and I would like to thank you for your continued support. We saw our new government reshape Canada’s economic and international agendas. It is under this government that we secured policy improvements and commitments in areas that are critical to business success: access to people, customers, infrastructure, capital and technology. We welcomed and resettled over 34,000 Syrian refugees and overcame significant hardships—some were economic, others were caused by natural disasters. Internationally, we signed a historic trade agreement with Europe while the United States elected a new president, bringing much uncertainty about the future of Canada’s relationship with the U.S.

Yet, despite all these changes, there has been one constant—how strong the voice of Canadian business has been.

We are proud of our achievements in 2016 and have highlighted them for you in our Annual Report, which I invite you to read.

On behalf of all of us at the Canadian Chamber, I thank you, once again, for your support in 2016 and look forward to our continued collaboration in 2017.

Together, we are building the next 150 years of Canadian business success.


Perrin Beatty

President and Chief Executive Officer

To read the report – A strong voice in a changing world – click here

Source: CCC