The Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has released 10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins, a document that provides business, decision-makers and government with a series of clear priorities and objectives that, if addressed, will give Canada a competitive edge, improve productivity and grow the economy.

A strong and prosperous Canada depends on business growth, but businesses are grappling with daunting challenges – economic, political and technological – at home and abroad. To help them compete and grow, we developed the 10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins to guide businesses, government and other stakeholders towards new opportunities.

In the year ahead, we will work with our chamber network to advocate public policies that will improve Canada’s policy environment and create the necessary conditions to support business growth and build a more prosperous economy for all Canadians.

It’s a partnership. We recognize that building a more productive, more competitive economy is a shared undertaking. It will take the combined efforts of business, chambers of commerce, all levels of government and individual Canadians. We all need to be involved.

To read the – 10 Ways to Build a Canada that Wins – click here

Source: CCC