BusinessEurope welcomes the visit to Brussels of President Donald Trump as an opportunity for European and US leaders to discuss the Transatlantic relation and ways to reinforce a close and mutually beneficial partnership. The EU and the US have the largest and most integrated trade and investment relation in the world. In 2015, the EU’s FDI stock in the US reached Euro 2,561 billion – about eight times more than the EU investment in China and India combined.

Emma Marcegaglia, President of BusinessEurope said: “The EU and the US are long-standing partners with a shared view on the importance of democracy, rule of law and open societies. We have been strongly engaged in fighting climate change and promoting free and fair trade. The first official visit of President Donald Trump in Brussels is a unique opportunity to re-state our common goals and find new ways of working together”.

For three years, the EU and the US have been discussing ways of improving the Transatlantic economy by removing existing barriers to trade and investment. For the business community, any measures aimed at boosting trade and investment on both sides of the Atlantic remain a priority. “The EU and the US have more to gain if they work together at creating an environment favourable to growth and jobs. Many companies especially SMEs are deterred from doing business across the Atlantic because of existing tariff and especially non-tariff barriers. Authorities on both sides should remain committed to support companies’ efforts in developing new business opportunities in the Transatlantic economy”.

Source: BusinessEurope

Image: Fotosearch