The European Parliament’s plenary supported opening negotiations with the Council on the Cybersecurity Act. The proposal is crucial to counter Europe’s cyberthreats and ensure trust in digital technologies.

BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer commented: “Enforcing cybersecurity is vital for the use of digital technologies and most welcomed by European business. It was a positive step by the European Parliament to significantly improve the initial legal proposal for the Cybersecurity Act. However, a limited ability of business to self-certify remains industry’s major concern. Companies should have a possibility to self-certify medium risk level products, such as industrial machinery. This approach would foster affordable and speedy certification. Business with its technical knowledge and experience is a strong weapon against cybercrimes and the Cybersecurity Act should make best use of this asset. We look forward to seeing the next step of the negotiations concluded rapidly as Europe urgently needs to become cybersecure.

Source: BusinessEurope