We, Presidents of the leading national business federations in Europe, meeting in Rome on the invitation of the federations from the founding countries, solemnly declare our full commitment to the European Union and our dedication to continuing to contribute to a successful project and united Europe that delivers.

Economic, social and societal progress over the past 60 years is unprecedented. The European Union is, undeniably, the main force behind it and we are proud of its achievements.

On this historic date, it is important to halt for a moment, take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture. We are going through difficult times with protectionism and scepticism towards the EU on the rise, and huge challenges ahead. But the European Union remains the most successful political project in modern times. It brought peace to our continent, and is built on the fundamental values of democracy, peace, human rights, freedom and equality which must be respected and protected. The European Union has accomplished remarkable achievements and will continue to deliver in terms of economic, social, environmental, and technological progress.  It is therefore time to regain confidence, to stand behind this project, and to protect what it stands for.

BusinessEurope has been a key supporter of the European project since the early stages of preparation of the Treaty of Rome. While not everything is perfect and mistakes have been made, the advantages of EU membership and the successes of European integration outweigh them by far. Europe remains one of the best places in which to live in the world. But our European way of life can be defended only if we act and reform together to achieve a strong and competitive Europe.

  1. We want a Europe that is united, that provides common answers to common challenges which cannot be solved by individual Member States alone, where Member States converge and that is underpinned by the principles of responsibility and solidarity.
  2. We want a Europe that provides for European public goods, that is close to its citizens and companies, that delivers concrete benefits      and protects living standards, acting as a real enabler for an inclusive, balanced and sustainable growth, job creation and investment.
  3. We want a Europe that delivers the full untapped potential of its single market, its greatest strength, addressing existing barriers and fragmentation with better regulation, expanding it into new areas such as digital technology, making it an area of legal, regulatory and political stability, able to attract talents, companies and investors.

Source: BusinessEurope

Image: Fotosearch