“Ai Group welcomes Australia’s first International Cyber Engagement Strategy launched in Sydney by Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop,” Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said.

“The International Strategy forms an important pillar of our cyber security framework which builds upon the National Cyber Security Strategy released by the Australian Government last year.

“In today’s market of the digitally enabled economy, more Australian businesses are transforming, and leveraging off a trusted network of global supply chains in order to maintain their competitive edge. It is essential that these businesses and their networks are strengthened and secure.

“We are increasingly hearing from businesses about cases of international cybercrime, including fraud and ransomware attacks, raising questions for governments on what they can do to tackle this growing issue.

“Digital trade is also becoming common in international trade discussions, which Ai Group has been very active in. This includes issues around foreign governments restricting data flows across borders, forced localisation of servers and enforced sharing of programming and software with governments.

“Due to the ubiquitous nature of data and digital tools in our businesses, Ai Group is concerned about the increasingly protectionist measures that many foreign governments are introducing.

“We are therefore encouraged to see digital trade and cyber crime, as well as other areas identified as priorities in the strategy.

“An important message in the strategy is about partnerships, which is critical in a rapidly evolving area. Ai Group welcomes ongoing collaboration with the Australian Government, industry, research and education institutions, and other relevant stakeholders to build a secure, resilient, innovative and competitive nation,” Mr Willox said.

Source: AiG

Image: 123RF