Ahead of the coming Federal Election Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) is releasing a series of policy papers on issues of importance to business and the community with recommendations which we urge all parties to support. This policy statement addresses a range of policy areas to underpin the growth of dynamic and competitive industries.

In the report, Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox says: “Australian industry is diverse, strong and poised to pursue new opportunities through digitalization, innovation, participation in global markets and supply chains, and responses to the challenges of emissions reduction and reducing waste.

“At the same time, there is a clear role for public policy in developing our businesses – particularly our small and medium-sized businesses whether in new or traditional sectors and equipping them in raising their horizons and their competitiveness.

“Ai Group maintains that Australian industry policy should have a positive, 21st century orientation.

“It should work, together with policy in education and training, to support a confident, dynamic and resilient private sector that not only builds on existing competitive advantages but is equipped to meet both the challenges and the opportunities presented by the transformational forces of globalisation, technological development and environmental protection,” Mr Willox said.

The Federal Government can play valuable roles in:

– Coordinating a broad and inclusive discussion of the future of industry;
– Providing well-designed policies to improve business capabilities including in relation to the digitisation of commercial activity;
– Facilitating greater opportunities and increased involvement in international trade by Australian businesses;
– Ensuring that, in meeting Australia’s Defence needs full advantage is taken of the unique opportunity to grow competitive Australian industries and further connect them to global markets and supply chains;
– Ensuring that Australia’s innovation system is stable and effective in supporting business research and development, collaboration between business and Australia’s research capabilities and supportive of the emergence of deeper markets for early-stage capital;
– In cooperation with the states and territories, give particular attention to addressing the ongoing crisis facing our waste and recycling systems due, most immediately, to China’s clampdown on the contaminated plastics we previously exported for processing;
– Incorporating the latest evidence and analysis into evolving strategies for growth and successful transitions of Australia’s industry through a period of immense change; and
– Work with representatives of industry, employees, states, local government and community organisations to develop effective and proactive responses to anticipated closures or transitions of existing emissions-intensive facilities.

Source: Ai Group