“The release of the Terms of Reference for the 2017 Review of Climate Change policies is an important start to what will be a challenging policy and political exercise.   It is vital that the Review develops an approach that will be effective in reducing net emissions; that will attract bipartisan support; and will reduce emissions at least cost and without adversely impacting on Australia’s competitiveness,” Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox said.

“There are a number of fundamental national issues at stake. Foremost among them are the effectiveness of policies in Australia’s ability to meet our international obligations; the priority of secure supplies of competitively-priced energy both for households and for industry; the requirement that there is sufficient clarity and predictability of policy to facilitate business investment; and the need for a fair transition for employees, for the broader community and for businesses as we reorientate our economy to a low-emissions future.

“The importance of developing a bipartisan position on climate policy is difficult to overstate and we encourage all parties to take a constructive and sensible approach to this important review. The emphasis needs to be on the national interest rather than on partisan and sectoral interests.  In this context we draw encouragement from the assurance by the Minister for the Environment and Energy that the Government is committed to adopting a non-ideological approach to ensure we secure the lowest cost of abatement.

“Ai Group will take an active role in the Review in close consultation with our members. We will emphasise the need to ensure that business competitiveness and national employment are not adversely affected; that we take a truly global approach to this important trans-national task – including by permitting appropriate use of highly-credentialed international abatement; and the imperative that the policies that Australia adopts are fully-consistent with achieving our international targets at least cost,” Mr Willox said.

Source: AiG