The Argentine Industrial Association (“UIA” by its acronym in spanish) is the largest and highest-level representative of manufacturing industry in Argentina. UIA represents more than 115,000 industrial facilities, 55% of all exports, 30% of tax revenues and 25,6% of the country’s gross added value.

For more than 130 years and through a broad territorial and sectoral network, the association has been promoting the development, consolidation and competitiveness of the manufacturing industrial sector as well as providing services to strengthen the capabilities of our partners.

Since 1887, UIA has strived to defend national manufacturing industry, encouraging the creation and development of an integrated vertically and horizontally internal solid market.


President of the Industrial Union Argentina (UIA)
Member of Aceitera General Deheza (AGD), President of Agroaval

Mr. Miguel Acevedo is a member of Aceitera General Deheza (AGD) – a leading family exporting company in the agribusiness and food industry- since 1984. With over 30 years of leadership experience, Acevedo has held various positions and management areas during his career.

Currently serves as President of Agroaval, a leading company improving access of SME’s in Argentina to credit.

Institutional role
Current President of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) since May 2017, where he had previously served as SME Vice- President and as Secretary.

Likewise, he served as Secretary at the Argentine Business Association (AEA) and as Treasurer of the Argentine Biotechnology Chamber (CAB).

Mr. Miguel Acevedo formerly served as President of Nuevo Central Argentino (NCA)- a railway cargo company- as well as President of the “Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency” and of “Fundación Observatorio Pyme” (SME Observatory Foundation).

He is married, has five children and holds a degree in Business Administration.

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