Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD)

Established in 1971, TUSIAD is the non-governmental representative organization of the Turkish private sector (industries, finance and services) at the national level. Representing 80% of Turkey’s total foreign trade (excluding energy), 50 % of total employment (excluding agriculture and livestock, public and unregistered employment) and 80 % of total corporate taxes, TUSIAD plays a significant role in the Turkish economy. Besides being member of BusinessEurope, TUSIAD acquired a strong voice internationally through its membership to BIAC of the OECD, B20 Coalition, EU Chamber of Commerce in China. Apart from its Ankara office, TUSIAD has a strong international network of 5 representative offices around the world: Brussels, Washington, D.C., Paris, Berlin, and Beijing. TÜSİAD is committed to monitor and promote Turkey’s economic competitiveness, institutional reform process and membership to the European Union.


President of the Board of Directors of Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD)

CEO of Organik Kimya

Global Business Coalition-TUSIAD-Simone Kaslowski-Turkey

Simone Kaslowski graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1984, after completing primary education in Istanbul. He began working in the sales department at Organik Kimya, a family business, in 1985. Kaslowski significantly expanded exports of Organik Kimya products and was appointed head of sales in 1993. After actively working on various investment projects for the firm, Kaslowski was appointed CEO and became member of the board of directors in 1995. His leadership was instrumental in the growth and expansion of Organik Kimya.

Organik Kimya operates in 80 countries and has a 250-thousand-ton production capacity in facilities in Kemerburgaz and Tuzla in Istanbul; Rotterdam, Holland; and Lugano, Switzerland.

Simone Kaslowski worked to develop the chemical sector in Turkey and contributed to the Chemport project of the Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association.

Kaslowski was Chairman of the Chemical Industry Task Force of TÜSİAD. He has been on the Board of Directors since 2013 and has chaired the EU Affairs Committee and the Global Relations and EU Roundtable, significantly contributing to the international efforts of the association. Kaslowski has been Vice President of TÜSİAD since 2017 and was elected President in February 2019.

Mr. Simone Kaslowski is married, has three children and speaks Turkish, English, Italian and French.

Turkish Industry and Business Association