International business community discusses challenges and opportunities of the digital economy

The B20 Digital Economy Conference – THE THIRD WAVE: DIGITAL ECONOMY AND THE INDUSTRIAL INTERNET, an event organized by B20 Turkey in partnership with B20 Coalition (now known as the  Global Business Coalition) and with the support of Accenture, convened in Istanbul on October 6, 2015.  

Opening remarks by Cansen Basaran-Symes, President of TUSIAD, and Member of the B20 Coalition  

“As an enabler of growth in every sector, Digital Economy is closely intertwined with the G20 process on infrastructure, trade, growth and employment as well as transparency in financial flows. However, digital technology is disruptive in nature and it is thus important to accelerate its integration with other operations.”  

“In this context, the B20 Coalition has made the Digital Economy its priority for 2015, and is conducting a series of initiatives notably in the field of IT Security, Global Standards and Smart City and in fostering the integration of Digital Economy into the G20 leaders’ agenda.”  

“In this regard, and as a result of the consultation with the B20 Turkey, we understood that Digital Economy was also prioritized by B20 Turkey as a horizontal, cross-cutting issue across the task forces in 2015. The B20 Coalition and B20 Turkey then decided to join forces in order to initiate a substantial Digital Economy policy paper and organize a conference to bring together all the relevant parties in the field of Digital Economy. Today we are very happy to see that our initial aim has been successfully realized.”  

Panels that formed the day-long agenda of the Conference are:  

The Digital Trade Revolution: Voice of the G20 Citizens

This session concentrated on how digital economy can transform the real economy, and contribute to growth and job creation. Specifically policy issues relevant to e-commerce and trade facilitation were under focus.  

A new Digital Agenda: How Can Governments Lead the Digital Transformation?

This session focused on government’s leading role in digital transformation. Speakers touched upon how governments can lead by providing legal, physical and human resource infrastructure and by using technology.  

Perspectives on “Going Digital”

A discussion, based on the results of new research by Accenture, on how companies can adopt strategies to maximize benefits from digital technologies and how governments can enhance the enablers was held; with a specific focus on emerging market economies.  

Data Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

This session focused on emerging issues in data economy. Issues in protection of personal data, cross-border data transfers and cybersecurity were discussed. Particularly emphasis was put on role of data and payment systems in advancing e-commerce.  

Disrupting Technologies: New Business Models and Challenge to Create New Jobs

Digital economy spans across all sectors, largely reshaping and altering them. New regulatory issues emerge with upcoming technologies. This session focused on disruptive technologies and the regulatory challenges they bring. A particular focus was on the Internet of Things (IoT). Other disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, data marketing, financial services were also discussed.  

Image: B20 Turkey