2020 has been a long and challenging year for the whole planet, people, governments and businesses enduring an unexpected pandemic and struggling to find solutions to control the disease and its disastrous effects on  health and the economy.

Thankfully, the pharmaceutical labs rapidly developed vaccines and massive vaccination campaigns have already started throughout the world in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 and hopefully shortly end the pandemic. 

There is now reasonable hope for the world to heal and move forward in a near future, but it is likely there is still some way to go and to resume previous level of economic activity & employment, not to mention international trade and travel.

Let’s seize this opportunity ALSO to further advance preexisting global core topics and urge decision makers to prioritize them on the agenda for 2021. Ensuring sustainable management of world resources, reshaping the global trading system & the WTO, inspiring increased governmental cooperation, building a fair digital world are key topics the GBC has been strongly advocating since its creation in 2012, and that would deserve a priority treatment by the international community.

2021 promises to be a crucial year and through the G20/B20 Italy, the British B7 & COP 26 or a constant dialogue with the WTO, the OECD/BIAC -just to mention a few-, the Global Business Coalition will continue to leverage its expertise on global trade issues to defend the interests of its large business community.

On behalf of the GBC members, we wish you the best for this much-awaited year 2021: health, happiness and success for a better tomorrow!

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Image: Harryarts@Freepicks