After months of hard work, inspiring discussions and consensus building, they finally made it! Congratulations to the B20 Italy, the Chair Sergio Dompé and cochairs and all the members of the Health & Life Sciences task force – GBC members included- for issuing a set of ambitious, yet achievable, recommendations for the G20 leaders. Here is a preview of the major recommendations they made (the complete text to be disclosed in October, ahead of the G20 Summit).

“All three recommendations are intended to help shape a new model for a continuous strategic dialogue between institutions and stakeholders, with the goal of changing people’s minds about health as a strategic asset. We need progressive policy frameworks to unlock the benefits of technology and innovation for humanity in order to unlock this value. To accomplish this, any healthcare policy’s impact on access to therapies, as well as its effects on jobs and investments in Life Science companies, should be assessed using a methodology. To achieve these shifts and maximize the impact of innovation to support healthy populations, economies, and environments while maintaining public trust, bold new partnerships spanning the public and private sectors, academia, and civil society will be essential.”