April, 21 2021- As part of the Italian B20 cycle, Confindustria and the Health & Life Sciences Task Force held the first the B20-G20 Dialogue on April, 21 with the participation of the Italian Health minister and several experts in Health.

The 90 minutes digital event provided policymakers and sector experts with a deeper and cross-discipline understanding of how advances in medical technologies, biopharma, and digital capabilities are changing healthcare and how to leverage the technological advances for the benefits of patients, the sustainability of healthcare systems and the growth in strategic Life Sciences sectors.

The Global Business Coalition attended this enlightening event including presentations on

Bio, Digital and MedTech revolutions

The power of partnerships in delivering innovative solutions

Digital & cultural drivers for a new patient-centric approach

Investing in innovations: a new paradigm- Prof. Rifat Atun. Harvard University

Insight from Indonesia ( 2022 G20) – Indonesian Health minister