As the world tries to find effective solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on digital technologies to support their communities and citizens.

The B20 and S20 called on the G20 Leaders to act on a list of short-term and medium-term priorities for a swift and globally coordinated response on a number of important policy issues across the entire spectrum of the digital domain:

Urgent short-term priorities

  • Strengthen the digital infrastructure
  • Advance digital information technology, especially in the field of digital health infrastructure
  • Create a trustworthy mechanism for secure data processing
  • Advance food security

Significant medium-term priorities

  • Improve cyber security to protect home & remote working
  • Monitor cyber safety and enhance digital citizenship & literacy
  • Promote & coordinate inclusive digital skills development
  • Provide quality digital access to all
  • Accelerate adoption of digital financial services
  • Accelerate the transition toward digital sobriety