On May 12th, GBC members Presidents/ CEOs/ DG discussed online the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis and the lessons learnt for an economic re-start.

All agreed that re-start will be more difficult than shut-down: how to ensure health and safety in the workplace, incorporate safety protocols to  the daily business routine while reviving activity?

Restrictions imposed by the States should be lifted to avoid significant negative consequences for societies and the economy- companies and their workforce, customers and suppliers. There is a balance to be found by the States between the legitimate intent to protect populations and harmful protectionism.

To ensure a global re-start, members agreed that coordination and cooperation were more than ever needed, as safeguards for free trade & open markets. 

GBC members will remain fully committed to promoting free trade, discouraging protectionism and advocating for multilateralism as a way to defeat the pandemic and ensure global growth & development for all.