The working group will prepare a White Paper with proposed measures to guarantee an inclusive transition to face the new challenges posed by the labour market, promoting quality jobs and guaranteeing social protection.

The Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fatima Banez, announced that Spain will prepare a White Paper on the Future of Work that will contribute to the debates scheduled to take place within the framework of the G-20, and until 2019, on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

The aim of for the Paper is to help in defining the social and labour policy needed to tackle the new challenges posed by the labour market, said the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

This White Paper, which will also draw on the work already done within the Framework of the National Tripartite Conference on the future of work held in March 2017, will analyse the impact of the different trends that affect the labour market and the economy to assess their real effect on the future. It will also identify the main areas of action and the fundamental social issues related to the challenges posed by work in the future.  The goal is to ensure an “inclusive transition towards quality jobs, strengthening the capabilities of workers and guaranteeing social protection.”

To conduct this task, the Government has asked social partners to participate in the creation of a working group comprised of experts of renowned prestige in the labour, economic, sociological and technological and business fields, and actual participants will be known in the coming weeks.

Fátima Báñez made this announcement during the presentation of the report prepared by the Tripartite National Conference The future of the work we want held last March. The Office of the International Labour Organization (ILO) for Spain also helped in the preparation of the report, which was drafted by the Tripartite Commission on the Future of Work.  This Commission is made up of representatives from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and the social partners.

Source: CEOE